Liberty Door Systems is proud to offer the following services:

  1. Furnish pre-installed doors
  2. Furnish only hardware
  3. Furnish and install doors and hardware
  4. Service/repair of doors and frames
  5. Create new openings
  6. Create security vestibules
  7. Complete access control solutions
  8. Furnish and install ADA automatic operators
  9. Custom projects
  10. Other services


Pre-Installed Doors

Interested in speeding up the installation of your newly purchased doors? Why not install doors with all the hardware already installed? We can sell you everything you need for your project, and then we can install it all for you at our shop. When the doors are fully assembled we can stack them on pallets, protects them with foam blocking and wrap them in plastic. We can then deliver complete sets to the site on the day of your installation. After they are taken to the door location the doors can be quickly installed by screwing in the hinge and closer screws. This method helps when timelines are tight or if there are numerous other trades working in the same space. There is no more waiting for floors to be completed, waiting for doors to be painted or waiting for furniture to be delivered. The doors can be the very last item installed reducing onsite damage. Also the hardware can be installed in a controlled environment by skilled union carpenters so parts will not go missing and to also alleviate poor install practices.


Furnish Only Hardware

We can furnish all types of metal, wood, fiberglass and aluminum doors, door hardware to include closers, pull handles, trim, locks, keys and any accessories. Everything can be picked up at our warehouse or delivered. Delivery could be direct from the factory or by our delivery truck.  Please refer to the products page of our website to see the brands that we carry.


Furnish and Install Doors and Hardware

Liberty Door Systems can both furnish and install architectural doors and hardware. Our team of Union Carpenters can install the hardware on your existing doors.


Service and Repair

Our Union carpenters can make repairs to damaged doors and frames onsite, or remove the doors and bring them back to our warehouse. Welding onsite can also be completed for steel door frames and doors.


New Openings

Do you have a need for a new door in an existing wall? Liberty Door Systems can create new openings in drywalls and masonry/concrete walls. We can install new wall framing, concrete or steel lentils and install a new frame and door. All finish work can be completed in house or by your own carpenters.


Security Vestibules

All new entrance paths can be created to channel traffic to main offices or thru the security office. This has been done at many Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools. Liberty Door Systems can design or assist Architects when there is a need for a higher level of security at schools. Intercoms, door release buttons and cameras can also be added for even higher security.


Access Control

Liberty Door Systems can integrate new door hardware with existing access control systems. From small standalone card reader systems up to the large scale access control systems – we can do it with help of one of our Access Control Security partners.


ADA Automatic Door Operators

We can service and repair many brands of automatic door operators, including Dorma, Detex, Norton, Horton, LCN, Nabco, and Motion Access. We can furnish and install full range of products, including Push, Pull, Bi-Swing, and Concealed operators. All sequencing with access control and ADA equipment will be taken care of, and completed in house by our low voltage technician. So there will no longer be any loose ends trying to figure out who owns which portion of the installation. Coordination with the Access Control vendor will be completed before the installation.


Custom Projects

If there is a door related project that you can imagine – please give Liberty Door a Call! Over the years we have done many unique projects that others have turned down.


Other Services

We can also provide the following services through other Unified Door and Hardware Group members:

  • Project estimating
  • Project management
  • Product evaluation
  • Specification writing
  • Expert locksmithing
  • Review for code compliance
  • Fire door inspections

For more information, please use the Contact Us page of our website to get in touch with us.